Just Saying...

Just Saying...

Happy 2012!

Posted: 01 Jan 2012 01:29 PM PST

After last night's complete melt down. I feel so much better and lighter!
I feel goooood. I purged the house of all things that do not need to be held onto. 

The front hall closet is now the main house pantry, and the kitchen cupboards, well, we have a shitload of room for other things now. 

Gathered all old pictures (without negatives) and other negatives for the safety deposit box. Until I find someone kind enough to let me use their colour scanner for a full day, they have to stay safe. I have my parents, my siblings, and my own report cards, badges and certificates from all sorts of things from my parents and siblings youth. Even have a couple hospital wrist bands from when they were born.

I'll pass these items onto them at some point. I tried to a year or two after my parents passed and the siblings weren't interested in having a part of their past. Now, it's a different story. More than a decade has passed and now, they're wishing they had that kind of stuff. Forgetting I have been keeping it safe. 

It's times like these that my siblings take pride in the fact I'm extremely sentimental and sensitive, rather than teasing me for it. Your history is important, and how many people have a load of it sitting in one spot, and not spread out throughout the family, not really knowing where it is or how to find it.

I opened an ancestry.ca account two years ago. Made a family tree, than quickly grew into a huge tree. Gave the link to all the cousins and asked them update their portions etc. Although a slow time consuming procedure; how cool would it be to be able to post report cards, pictures, and other documents on that account for the future of our ancestors to find one day. Seriously, I have enough documents to make a friggin commercial out of it. Although it will mean having to pay for the account. I'm currently using the free portion. But what's a few dollars a year to maintain your history for others to find? Priceless.

Also moved some items to storage. Since without a car, I'm not going to have an spontaneous moments of grab all my camping gear and skip over to the Island for the weekend on a whim. No point keeping that stuff in the apt anymore. Our storage room is only open 9-5M-F. The old building manager was notorious for never unlocking it, leaving people angry that they couldn't access their stuff. That's not the case anymore, sooooo I don't need to store it my apt.

Next step, will be to revamp the actual storage unit itself. I'm holding onto boxes of sentimental things. Things in hind insight are not really all that sentimental anymore:

-Every single birthday, Xmas or just because card, and letters I've ever received from family and friends.

-Every single letter and note LC and I wrote to each other when we were kids and adults, until computers became a standard appliance in households. These actually take up several shoe boxes inside a 2 huge moving box. That's space I could use for something else more useful.

-A box of childhood stuff animals. Yes I'm never actually going to put these on display. But they have memories. I think it's time to let them go. I keep one in my closet that has the most value to me.

- Old old old camping stuff. That shit can be thrown out and updated later on.

Baby steps in purging my past. Huge emotional growth. :-)