Just Saying...

Just Saying...


Posted: 31 Dec 2011 11:49 PM PST

Good-Bye 2011.

Good-bye to a job I was tired of, but comfortable in.

Good-Bye to my best friend LC.
Our relationship didn't last cos you went back to an abusive relationship. Or that I stopped trying to protect you, caring for you, or even just tried to keep the remainder in tact. There just simply was no point holding on anymore after you let go and stopped caring yourself. The good time will be remembered, nothing else. You're on your own now. God Speed for your safety.

Good-Bye to shitty friends who only call when they need something.

Good-Bye to old romances. Not all were bad, but nothing more to build on or have fully run their course.

Good-Bye to old acquaintances who inquired about specific details of my life. Then stirred pot for fun etc. Surprise! Bet you weren't aware how much I actually knew,  how much we all knew. Fed you a bunch of bullshit just to watch you spread the love. Thanks... friend.

Good-Bye to people who all are all excuses and no action.

Good-Bye to those whose actions continuously tell their true feelings over their words.

Good-Bye to going out of my way and making people always feel welcome, wanted and never left out, when it's never once been returned. Still haven't decided which is harder; spending major family oriented holidays alone, or ones revolving around friends? Don't worry about me, but gawd forbid if you ever have to spend it alone. I won't be the one making sure you're included this time.

Good-Bye to one way street relationships. If I've always had to call you first, for anything, and it's never been you calling first, you're history to me now.

Good-Bye cheating men of 2011. I believe you'll be harder to rid of, cos you're all so damn fucking sneaky about it until I've already started liking you.

Good-Bye 2011. You'll be remembered. Not missed.

I've finally had my full blown inconsolable stress cry. Now I can get my shit together. Deleted many people from my phone and facebook. Not even going to concern myself if you'll call me. You're dead to me now. 

2012 is still 30 minutes away and it's already started on a positive note. I've enrolled in two classes. Jan - April. Then maybe 1-2 more. I won't take classes in the fall/winter. Only in Winter/spring/summer programs. I've been looking at schooling the wrong way all.these.years. Instead of looking at it as a headache, I've started looking at it as I'm investing in myself. Ya ya I know, it took a friggin long time to come to that conclusion.

There are a few positive things I'll take from 2011. 
A few new people in my life. You you who you are. Thank you.

Bring it on 2012. I'm ready.

I have lost ALL faith in men....

Posted: 31 Dec 2011 01:48 AM PST

You know how facebook's sidebar will occasionally show you "who you might know"?...... Ok.

I can't sleep. It's 01:30am. I'm playing on facebook and who do I see, but a guy I met on that plenty of fucking liars place dot com. A man I nicknamed "The slowly processing twit". Arbolog, you'll probably remember this one....That was being kind, and yes that is what I named him. He was good on paper. He liked me. I liked him, but not enough to move forward. It just didn't click.

I clicked on his profile and whola, his profile is public. Let the creeping begin.  click, boring pictures, click, more pictures of his cat, click......stop. stares. WTF!?

He got married a month after our last date! W.T.F?!!!

So was meeting women openly on that plenty of fucking liars place dot com a last ditch to get your feet wet before walking down the isle? We had 4 dates in total. Two of me going to Parksville, two of him coming here.  Okay, I'm not upset we didn't click, I'm pissed that his intentions were never real and he wasted my time, time that I could have been wasting with someone who actually gave a fuck.

Someone please, for the love of Gawd, please, please, explain to me why men do shit like this?

We stayed in touch on/off for a couple years after that. He had said he got serious with someone while finishing up his masters in business, but that was it. I didn't ask more, he didn't offer. A tad serious more I'd say, YOU'RE MARRIED!

Geez, and men wonder why women are jilted, jaded, and non-trusting. No shit Sherlock. FML.

Moving forward, you can refer to me as Good Luck Chuck.

Make that count 16 now. In the last 6 years, anytime I've been single for even the briefest of moments, the men I've dated have either married the girl after me, or have gone back to the girl before me. If they didn't marry, they attempted at becoming 100% committed.

I think this is my roll in the world of dating. To be that person that makes that particular man see what he's missing and run back to his ex or marry the next one.