Just Saying...

Just Saying...

Nicest Compliment

Posted: 06 Sep 2012 09:14 PM PDT

I forgot to mention a few other things.

FarmBoy- *sigh* I'm a little smitten.
He complimented my skin yesterday. "It's a Rose and Lilly complexion", as he blushed when he said it. Can we all say, "Awwwwww". 

That was the third compliment in less than a week about my skin By 3 separate people!
I guess having been on Accutane for 10 months if FINALLY paying off. :D

Okay... enough of that.

I have new COMPUTER glasses, and my word, what a difference.

That is all.

New Job. New Men.

Posted: 06 Sep 2012 08:59 PM PDT

How sad is it, that I've changed jobs again. Yes again. I don't even get excited for it anymore. Look how well that's worked out for me in this past year.

Although I did run into a girl I worked with at the Property Management Company. It's been 3.5 months and they haven't filled the position. They are going thru temps like crazy. I've been informed that the h/o is paying attention to this and is actually going to make that one position, a two person job!!! I'm so happy for them. It will be sweet release for all those who've been doing extra duty trying to keep that position afloat for the last few months.

I left the recent full time permanent position with no notice. At first I was sad when things started going sideways fast, cos I was lead to believe this was thee.perfect.fit. Filed a formal complaint with their head office and called it a day. I had received an new offer the day I quit the last one. I've learned by having a few shitty temp jobs this year, that NO JOB is worth verbal abuse, or unethical behaviour. So this time, I did something about it. And gave them the big F-YOU! Didn't hide anything. Didn't backtrack when they called me to bitch me out. Nope, just hung up and filed a harassment complaint with their h/o again and labour relations. Think I'm scared of you? Bring it on bitch.

The new job is close to home. Pays what the position is worth! My first day I spent the first part of the day being walked around and introduced to every single employee there. Nicely done new job, nicely done. How I'll feel a month from now, who knows. For now, it's what I need and fit. It's a large company, one I'm very familiar with. The position is data entry. Pttfff, you say.  I didn't know one person could do so many entries. I will never have down time! It's easssssssssssy work, but stressful due to deadlines etc. It pays very accordingly to the load. :)

Okay, actually, this time MEN!.. yay me for dating men this time!
Yup, two on the go!

The Back-Up Boyfriend -  is still in the picture, and making the effort he didn't make before. Has been apologizing ever since I told him why the whole walking 1/2 a foot in front of me made me breakup with him. We've recently had a few make-out sessions, and *sigh* he needs training.  Not completely hopeless though.

FarmBoy - *sigh* If logistics weren't so much of a minor issue, we'd already be a couple.  He lives on the Island. Damn the Island makes some awesome men. And while we'll both take turns commuting, it's still further than either of us would like. We have plans to spend a few upcoming weekends together. :)

Stay tuned.