Just Saying...

Just Saying...

Who Needs Sleep?? Not me.

Posted: 20 Aug 2012 07:11 PM PDT

lol I haven't slept a solid night since the roommate went away for work. He'll be gone 3 weeks. Home for a week, gone for another 10 days, home 2 weeks and gone again for 2 weeks. I won't really see him until October.

I've noticed this pattern with other people staying or living with me. If anyone is gone for an extended period of time, I tend not to sleep well, at all. I usually settle down after the first week has past, however this time, not so.

The apartment is making new noises in the early evening and after I've turned out the lights. We both noticed these noises about a month ago. Apparently I'm not completely on crack, or have gone crazy! The bangs, knocks, noises tend to sound like someone trying the door to the apartment. Once so convincing so, the roommate charged out of his room to the front door, opened it, intending to give whomever it was trying to get in, an ear full. No one was there. Another are the new footsteps on the roof of the building. There is a distinctive difference between the raccoon, birds walking across than their is a human. Only at night.

Not to mention the interesting, slight disturbing dreams I've been having. They're not nightmares, yet, although they're not nice. = no sleep.

Work Update:
A few things have happened in the past week that have made me question how long I'll actually stay there. I estimate I'll stay til after Christmas then start to seriously look elsewhere.

Without giving the intimate details of the questionable behaviour taking place, (I suspect my two bosses read this blog).... All I can say is; it will be next to impossible to confide and/or trust the management from this point moving forward.

The position itself if great. It's challenging at the moment, simply cos I've yet to wrap my head around my own position, whilst having to learn the tasks of another person at the same time. At the moment, I am 98% on my own. No one to fall back on, or ask questions while the management is away on holidays. If I mess it up, it will remain messed up. I won't sweat it. I'm doing the best I can, based on the limited time I've had to become confident with the things I put my name on.

Aside from all that. Life is pretty good. Only minor things to complain about.

Accutane Update:
My face... LOOKS FRIGGIN AWESOME! Even the hormonal breakouts I have, have minimized! Took long enough. :) Don't have to wear makeup to cover anything up, other than bags under my eyes lol.

Nothing to mention at the moment.

That is all. :)