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Just Saying...

One of My Sisters....

Posted: 10 Aug 2012 09:22 PM PDT

One of my sisters has been having a hard time finding a new family doctor. This has caused her enormous amounts of stress as she has MS, along with being on a cocktail of medications for various ailments.

She called me a few weeks ago to advise she'd been in the hospital for a brain hemorrhage, as she fell after the cat got between her legs and hit her head on the coffee table and almost bled out. First, I wasn't impressed that NO ONE called me until after the fact, at my sister "JC" request. She explained that she had been coming off some of her medication on her own, had some choice words for the cat just before she fell.

Thankfully the neighbour upstairs hear a lot of out of character noise from her apartment, called the cops, who found my sister bleeding out on the living room floor.

The day before the long weekend, I received a call from JC's husband. Advising that my sister was in the hospital again. After asking the appropriate questions, I learned she'd been having many manic episodes. Her husband found JC hunched over him at 3am, hissing and trying to bite him. WTF! He called an ambulance, having her admitted.

We talked for about an hour, reassuring him, he did the right thing, saved her life.
As it tuns out, she's been having a few manic episodes, and came off a life time of medication on her, waaaaaay to fast, and had a pyschotic break, from withdrawing too quickly. Landing her under observation for the long weekend. Immobilized, and when allowed outside, put into a straight jacket. Yes they still have those. Which I completely understand, as at that point she was a risk to herself and the professionals helping her.

Turns out she's been lying about her ailments for sometime, and was more self medicating to block out physical pain, along with a life time of memories of her childhood and abuse under my biological fathers hand.

A blessing in disguise. She will be entering rehab within the week for anywhere from 7-40 days. At which time, I've been handed the responsibility of calling all our family and informing them. She will be unreachable. No calls, no visits.  She's getting a second chance at life. They will educate her about sobriety. And for those of you who do not know, being sober, is sober of all narcotics. You can not choose to be sober from drugs and still drink, or visa versa. Sober is sober,from everything. I really hope they drive that point home to her, and that she gets it.  Although if she doesn't recover from this psychosis, she will likely be medicated the rest of her life.

Out of all my siblings, ( I have 5 of them), this is NOT the sister I thought would snap.

I spoke with her yesterday, and she's in denial. However, she is unaware that I know the truth of her situation.  She sounds slightly off, and subdued. Her husband suspects she's had minor brain damage from the last episode.  Could very well be.

I've had a lot of thoughts in the past week. First I was pissed at her for lying to me, instead of reaching for help. After all I've had my bout with mental illness too. Then realizing, like any addict, she didn't see anything wrong with her life, and pain management.

That's what I've been wrapping my head around lately.

Work is still good, and coming along nicely. Boys are still ridiculous liars. I'm doing something about my weight. :) However my stomach issues have been flaring up. To the point of exhaustion and seeking medical attention. I have an appointment with a specialist on the 23rd, I've been waiting 6 months for. Will be glad to discover what is causing the new flare ups. Food hates me in general these days.