Just Saying...

Just Saying...

Random Update

Posted: 30 Jul 2012 08:36 PM PDT

I've been hanging out with the roommate a few days a week lately. Like I said; we're getting along famously right now. We've been hiking, to the gym, and have run around the track near our house.  We're currently looking into taking a belaying course so we can go rock climbing. 

Great thing I've noticed about the way we hang out, he doesn't make me feel inferior. I know, he knows, I've lead a fairly sedentary life for the last decade, however when I actually get out and do things, he's always surprised just how athletic and spry I can be. He encourages me to go at my pace, just as long as I'm doing any pace. He doesn't yell at me to go faster or belittle me to keep up.

I forgot what's it's like to hang out with someone, let alone a guy, who pushes me in a comfortable way. Makes me want to be active.

It's times like these that I realize how important it is that I have this kind of rapport with a boyfriend. I feel great afterwards, encouraged and eager to go again. I haven't dated anyone who is active in a really long time. Or is willing and patient with me and includes me in being active, in activities that we both enjoy. I've decided, now that I've getting a taste of it with the roommate, it's extremely important to me that the next guy I date, be this way too.