Just Saying...

Just Saying...

40 Before 40 Finalized.

Posted: 03 Jun 2012 08:34 PM PDT

I turn 40 in a couple weeks. I'm abandoning this list. I have more important things to worry about, than finishing this list. Like finding employment. (it's already been 6 months) and helping my best friend thru the domestic abuse she's gone through, and is currently in and out of court for custody and criminal charges against her ex.

I'm crossing a few more things off this 40 before 40 list !

*Black - Haven't even attempted yet.
*Blue - Complete or on going
*Purple Italic - Fail or opted out of doing.

1. Get a passport - work in process. Paper work filled out, just have to file.
3. Weigh in at 135 lbs- HA! Not even close.
.12. Learn to snowboard (I've lived in Vancouver my whole life never gone)*gasp*
14. Go snowshoeing
17. Buy my first set of golf clubs - although I have them picked out. 
18. Get my teeth whitened - looking to see if my dentist can cover this.
19. Buy my first camera!!! (see spare, take a photography class)
21. Picnic more often, I'm surrounded by parks and ocean

23. Go kayaking (again, surrounded by water, you'd think I'd be more active, use to be)
38. Do 10 full push ups in a row.

2. Cook lasagna from scratch- done.
4. Save up an emergency fund of $5000- $3000 started saving, but had to dip into it, after I was laid off.
5. Buy a newer car (mid SUV) within 6 years of the current year. – Rebuilding my credit - Sigh got the car loan approved the day before I got my lay off notice. But hey, my credit is more decent than I thought it was.7. Buy a king size bed - DONE! And resold it.

9. Buy a Barbeque - Have one picked out. Will pick up for my 40th B-day in a couple weeks

15. Spend considerable more time by the ocean.
16. Join a gym and attend DONE (June 2,2009)
20. Learn about personal financing and get mine under control. Work in progress with Smart Cookies, Vancouver based Company, Finance for women by women.
22. Be a softer woman. Let men wear the pants and be men. - Work in Progress -Employed Elizabeth Singleton - aka Love Coach(Dec 09) This is harder than I though. March 2010
I've recently been fitted for a new bag and picked out a new tent
25. Gave me an idea for future entries.. list all my first date activities. Blog idea - Done
26. Tell my friends/family I LOVE THEM at the end of EVERY phone call.
(a contestant process)
28. Go to the Cabin in Kitimat,BC (Sept 2009) DONE
29. Be more consistent as a person. Manners, calmness etc. On going.
30. Go to the dentist.- Done- Dec 20th 29th and July 22 2011
31. Update wardrobe to be more stylish/professional.- Ongoing
32. Make the effort to seriously smile more (whether its random or intentional)-
Work In Progress
33. Donate blood more often. March, September, December,2010 and on going.
Had to stop March – November 2011 due to the Accutante.
35. Stop needing acceptance from my siblings - 100% DONE
Funny enough Summer 2011 they started to make the effort.
36. Do more things for myself that make me happy. On Going
37. Improve my flexibility with yoga. Up to twice a week now. I have a love/hate with yoga. Taking a break while on the accutane.
39. Love freely without the fear of being hurt.(enough said D)-work in progress
Employed Elizabeth Singleton - aka Love Coach(Dec 09)
40. Send post cards of Vancouver to family back east. (who doesn't love getting post cards)

8. Create Sunday dinners w/family/closest friends - Fail
13. Conquer the Grouse Grind again under 1.15 hours
Just not interested in putting my body thru that again. = Fail.
24. Buy all new camping gear. FAIL, Well I did get fitted for and buy a new sleeping bag.

27. Buy a printer/scanner for home
10. Be part of a creative photo shoot. (July 2009)- Fail - opted out
34. Learn how to paint my apt.- the museum is teaching me, but haven't painted yet....I ended up painting all the doors, trim and window pans in my apt before the roommate moved in Summer 2011. Will not paint my apt. I will hire someone to do it.

41. Build a network of professional contacts. - Done and on going
42. Take a photography class.(only when after I purchase the camera.....)
43. Frame pictures of family & friends. on going.
44. Get my eyes examined. Feb 2010- Done
45. File 2008 taxes -Done
46. File 2009/2010 Taxes in Feb 2011
47. Volunteer. Done April 2010- May 2011 Returning Nov 2011

And there you have it. I have done a few things, and quit on others. Finances, employment etc, and pure laziness at times all contributed to it.
11. Booked to Renew my enhanced drivers license - Jan 2011

I know you're exhausted when....

Posted: 03 Jun 2012 12:25 AM PDT

..... I misspell the simplest of words.

After having an chat with Single & Picky tonight, I realized I probably need assistance calming down and sleeping, while the stress of not being able to find employment really starts to take it's toll. I shouldn't be having daily melt downs. We're not talking small fits of crying. It's epic. There is shouting at whoever will let me shout in their direction.

Not sure why I didn't think of that myself sooner. However, talking out loud about the choices with S&P, I came to the conclusion(very slowly I might add), that Ativan does not do anything for my sleep. Sure it makes my groggy, but alas, no sleep. That is what Zoplica is for. :)

Hope to be picking up some very soon.

In other news. The roommate comes home in 8 days. Kind of excited to have him home I sleep much better when he's here, and in general feel safer. No matter how much we drive each other crazy.