Just Saying...

Just Saying...

Fingers Crossed PLEASE

Posted: 25 May 2012 07:36 PM PDT

Ugh. Job hunting sucks donkey ass.

Did you know that Employment Agencies monopolize Monster.ca, LinkedIn, and Craigslist Jobs. Really difficult not to be communicating with one, more often now. Sigh.

I met with another agency yesterday after applying to a position at one of the above sites. Of course they went about it backwards. Asked me to come in and interview me, then advised that they couldn't discuss the position with me until I did the required testing on Prove It. A program provided by all agencies for their clients, to ensure the temps they are recommending to them meet their qualifications. Fair enough.

Instead of asking me to commute an hour into the downtown core, only to tell me they can't even discuss the position, they should have just sent me the test, then if I met their clients needs, ask me to come in for a pre-interview etc. Alas, it is what it is and you have to play their game.

I've done this test a thousand times now. Actually 5 times, for 5 other agencies.
The good thing about these tests, you get a copy of your score.  Along with that the average for your province is etc. I scored 84% accurate for the Excel test, only to be told the position I applied for (via email) requires STRONG (yup in caps) excel skills. We'll have to pass on you for this position at this time.

What? Since when does 84% not qualify as strong skills? Now I wouldn't say I'm ADVANCED in excel, however my skills are strong. Of course will regular usage these skills develop. There are so many different ways they could have let me down. But no, they just sucked the last bit of hope and confidence I had.

Everyone says, "stay positive", but it isn't getting me anywhere. I'm running out of time and money. "It will be okay", they say.  Well when I run out of money, it won't be okay, I'll be asking to borrow money from family. Something I haven't had to do since I first moved out on my own etc.  "you can take the shitty job and look for something better", they say. I could, but the shitty job offers have to be there first!

And don't even bring up staying at the last shitty job. There is only so much one person can dumb themselves down, before it starts to cause permanent brain damage.
We've all been there. We all have a limit of what bullshit we're willing to put up with.

Enter Today.
I went for another interview. It went well. They had nice things to say etc. I left wanting to work for them. Please keep your fingers crossed. I'm running out of luck, time, and money.