Just Saying...

Just Saying...

Peri-Menopause... ugh Men beware

Posted: 22 May 2012 10:00 PM PDT

Ya it appears it might be happening. I've been talking to my sisters and older women in my life about their peri/menopause years. What to expect, symptoms, etc.

All the women in my family have been in peri-menopause by the time they were 40. A few had hysterectomies between 39-45 yr old. I can only imagine what this might say for my future.

A year or two ago my periods changed. I started getting cramps, so bad to the point I couldn't hold up my own body weight. And the mind numbing migraines. Neither of which I've ever suffered from before. Add on waking up in the night damp. Not sweaty at the time, although that is happening now; it's not fun.

In the past month, mostly around the time I'm ovulating, I wake up from being uncomfortable. To the point of realizing I'm sweating in all the wrong places and have to change my pj's. :( Unhappy.

I meet with my new family doctor in a few weeks. Unfortunately, the list of things that are becoming a priority to discuss, is growing. Allergy test, thyroid update, and blood work for my hormones to see where I am in this next "change" in my life.

Temporary New Monkey Job.

I'm no longer temping. For now. I've found a new full time job. It's entry level, and worse, so is the pay. Alas, it keeps me from having to use any EI. Although I've opened a claim (time sensitive) and then closed it. In case something doesn't work out, at least I can reopen the claim, rather than not opening one at all and no longer being eligible. The pay; is so bad, that BEFORE taxes, it doesn't cover my rent. Ouch. I took a 8G pay cut just to stay off EI.

This new job is closer to home. It's taking some getting use to, not having to be up at 530 and out of the house by 630. I don't have to get up until 7am!!!! I won't be there long. It's monkey work. And.... THEY USE DOS! No shit. DOS!

It was a bullshit first day, until I asked that someone else train me, other than the girl assigned to me. Not only did she train me wrong, it appears it was deliberate. Turns out she is leaving next week for a new job, and as a last F-U, she gave me the wrong infor, making my day much longer and frustrating, to the point I almost walked out, it was such bullshit. Towards the end of the day, after talking to the bigger bosses etc, I was assigned someone new to train me. A newbie. Only 2 weeks newer than I.

I'll give it another day. Actually, I'll give it until I find something better...Detour: at the end of the day, I went to say thanks to this girl etc, turns out, she's been let go, a week early. This job is seriously laughable, but it's a job, I guess.