Just Saying...

Just Saying...

Closed That Novel.

Posted: 19 May 2012 01:20 AM PDT

I was watching a chick flick earlier and something clicked, and a light bulb came on extremely bright about my previous relationship.

You would think my next action would be out of haste. Surprisingly it was a very calm moment, and I threw away our past. The gifts. The secrets we shared. The laughs. The special inside jokes. Our memories.

I've let them all go. Not holding onto them.

The songs below use to be songs we'd use to tourment each other, to express love, and agnst etc.  It hurt for a long time in the last couple years to hear them. Cos they expressed our relationship in it's entirety. And now... they no longer hold those same meanings to me. Now they are just songs on the radio.

I can only imagine how bitter and jaded this entry must sound. It's not.

You were that good book I just couldn't put down. Now, I've read you, cover to cover, many, many times. There isn't anything more I could have missed from reading it one more time.

I just took a big breath and let it all go.... Onto the next novel and chapters in my life.