Just Saying...

Just Saying...

I Surrender..... I Think. Yaaa Pretty Sure.

Posted: 15 May 2012 11:47 PM PDT

It's been a tough week and a half on so many levels. Now, I'm ready to throw in the towel at work. Had an epic meltdown at work. That shouldn't happen.

I like the job. I like the work. I can do the work. But not the workload, and don't even have half of it yet. Not to mention the lack of things I need to be trained on, that only another pma can do. We're (pma's = property management assistants) a limited bunch spread throughout Canada. So you now understand why they haven't been able to give me the training I need. Most of which involved my favourite program... JDE Oracle.

They are basic things, but everything is such a damn process. Even a simple deposit refund requires 2, sometimes 3 people's hands to touch it over a course of a week, and if they're busy, it takes longer etc. The longer it takes to get these things off my desk, the more backed up it gets.

My manager is great. Very supportive and reassuring as to what is expected of the position etc, and that it takes a year to learn it etc. Still, at 2.5 months in, I shouldn't be feeling this overwhelmed.
Not to mention, my days are 12 hours long, I work 8 of those, and get paid for 7. Hmmmmm.

I don't quit on things easily. My resume clearly expresses that. I've had 5 jobs (this one being the 5th) in 25 years. Ya, I can clearly tough things out. Maybe it's a mid-life crisis, combined with recent drama's, not eating well cos there isn't time in the day to stop to eat, and then I'm too exhausted to do so when I get home.

Ya ya, these are all excuses and me trying to explain/justify away why/how/when to give my notice at this job. And the stress of job hunting again.