Aurora 3D Animation Maker v12.04.27 Full Keygen + Patch

Posted: 28 Apr 2012 12:09 AM PDT

Aurora 3D Animation Maker v12.04.27 Full keygen + Patch - selain Coreldraw dan Photoshop kali ini saya akan share software editing lainya seperti macromedia flash player yang berfungsi untuk membuat animasi yaitu Aurora 3D Animation Maker v12.04.27 Full keygen + Patch. Aurora 3D Animation maker membantu Anda membuat animasi 3D-untuk pemrosesan video atau desain web. Hal ini sering diperlukan untuk menambahkan efek animasi seperti kembang api, asap, salju, kebakaran di konten, atau misalnya untuk menampilkan logo dalam klip video. Aurora 3D Animation Maker v12.04.27 ini mudah digunakan dan dapat menjadi asisten yang sangat diperlukan bagi Anda. Anda akan dapat mengendalikan semua aspek animasi Anda, termasuk durasi animasi, kecepatan pemutaran, dan banyak lagi! Selain itu, alat ini memudahkan untuk menempatkan animasi Anda di situs web, program ini mendukung ekspor ke format seperti: AVI, FLV, MPG, Flash (SWF), animasi GIF atau format gambar: PNG, TGA, BMP.

Key features:
• Keyframe animation. Using the timeline, you can control every aspect of your animation, including the duration, the playback speed, etc.
• The effects of particles - will draw attention to your scenes by adding stunning effects, such as cosmic rays, rain, snow, fireworks, smoke, etc.
• Each of the objects can be given many options for animation and movement, such as rotation, swing, punch, wave, disappearance, a typewriter, a pulsation.
• 3D-manipulator will when you press the bottom right of the text or objects extrude shape by simply dragging sliders to the vectors. You can control the position of the object, rotate and scale of the axes X, Y and Z.
• Animation templates. You will receive a set of templates, 3D titles, logos, and by their partial changes can make your 3D-animation for a few minutes for the web or a movie, not having skill in the fundamentals of 3D-design.
• Easily create your forms with a tool to manually edit the form. You can import. SVG file onto the canvas and edit the anchor points of the form.
• Quick Styles will quickly change the appearance of an object, simply select an object and click on the color styles.
• Import SVG and images you can import 2D-forms, such as. SVG file and photos on canvas and edit them to get the 3D effect.
• 3D graphics mode lets you quickly change the style of your design borders, frames, 2D and 3D buttons, text.
• Change the shape of the object. Simply select the form and shape to the panel. You can edit the properties of changing it.
• Graphics library of four thousand pieces.
• A full-featured text editor.
• Color and texture can change in different parts of the object. Support for dynamic textures.
• Changing the bevel effect to the form and text separately.
• The effects of deformation for the forms and texts
• Dynamic Background
• Full control and configure lighting.
• Export image format is a PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, TGA, which can be imported and edited in other applications.
• Export animation to AVI, FLV, MPG, Flash (SWF), animated GIF.

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