Just Saying...

Just Saying...

New Job Might Not Be Worth the Headache

Posted: 19 Mar 2012 07:43 PM PDT

Just what the title says.
I like my job. I like the people. I don't mind the commute.

The training... I hate. Nonexistent, and no one in my office knows how to do what I'm suppose to do. I'm all for working hard, and learning, but it shouldn't be this hard.
I'm being asked to do things where I couldn't seriously makes things very ugly if I do it wrong. I understand and know why it has to be done; however guessing where to pull the data from? A whole other story.

There is no written schedule when deadlines are, or when they are due. I'm suppose to pull that infor out of thin air too.

I could stress and continue to be overwhelmed and frustrated at the fact I can see the light, but can't reach it. Learn all this stuff, gain the experience and risk the girl I've replaced on medical leave coming back.  Or I could throw in the towel.

I'll give it a little longer to get the swing of things. I'm a good fit for this position, it's everything and more I wanted.

Learning a position with no training, is like being dropped in another country completely alone, and not knowing a lick of their language. It's frustrating.

How are you?