Just Saying...

Just Saying...

Updates....Jobs, Unemployment, Accutane, Roommate.

Posted: 24 Feb 2012 05:02 PM PST

I feel like I haven't written in sometime. Although I am reading all of you. :)

Just some general updates for you.

There haven't been many offers since I quit the last job. Which I've also learned from staff there, that they're having a hard time filling the position. Two people have been hired and walked out since I was there. Even talk of calling me and asking me to come back. Not a chance! There isn't enough money in the world they could pay me to go back there.

I'm signed on now with 5 agencies. The interviews are slowing down. And CL is a joke. I only have one severance cheque left, and then I'm living off the buyout and savings. I might actually have to apply for EI. :( not happy.  The roommate says to take a shitty job until something better comes along. Fair enough, but the offers still have to be there, and they're not.

We're getting along for the moment. It's been a few weeks. He's being the guy that he first was when he moved in. I like that guy. Who knows what tweaked him to start being nicer, but I'll take it.

I've been off the Accutane for a month now. Within a week of being off, I started to notice that I did not have to lube my lips and inner nose nearly as much. How quickly the aches and pains are dissipating. Not nearly as tired as I use to be. Hair, well, it's still thin, but I do believe it's growing back.

I did have a minor break out a week before my pill was taken, and then another after that. Since then, my face is looking good. It's not unusual for people to have to do a second cycle of it. I might be one of those people. However, I do have to wait 7-12 months before starting again. Really just have to give my body a break.

Was it worth it? I think so. Knowing ahead of time how it would treat my body was key in its success. I'll update the Accutane entries for others, so they have all the links in one sitting. I just haven't felt like writing lately.

Hmmm, what else?
I threw my back out this past Friday. I was moisturizing my legs on the side of the tub, leaned forward and everything started to seize up. By midnight I could no longer lift my legs. The pain was too much. I had to take a cab to the hospital. :( Not bad really, round trip was only 2 hours.

While I was there, after xrays etc, the nurses administer two shots in my ass.
1. morphine. 2. an anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatory and I do not get along, but nothing I can't handle. However, codeine... hates me.

I had a horrible reaction to the morphine and percocets they had me take. Scary to see people running around you when you start reacting. Then stupid me, took a percocet before my hair apt on Saturday so I could get thru the apt, and had another very adverse reaction to it. Yup, probably allergic to codeine. My hairdresser and her staff were amazing. Made sure I was comfortable etc. I wasn't leaving, I waited two months for that apt, I wasn't giving it up unless I absolutely had too!!

I have new medication for my back. I'm not a fan of taking medication in general, but what a difference! I have a muscle relaxer for bedtime. An anti-inflamatory with special coating for my stomach and a pain killer. That's a lot of drugs. Add physio and I'm walking again as of Tuesday! Woot woot!

Thankfully I meet with my new family doctor next week and getting an allergy test will be first priority.