Just Saying...

Just Saying...

I am a horrible, horrible person.

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 03:53 PM PST

I forgot my Dad's anniversary.

With all the stress of quitting what would have been a great job, being unemployed, and milestone B-day's, I've been so self absorbed with my own bullshit, I forgot the anniversary of my Dad's passing.

I'm a horrible, horrible person. 

Not once in 8 years have I forgotten. It's not like it's the only day I think about him, I think of him very often. How, HOW could I forget such a day?

I have to go drown my sorrows now, or jump off a bridge or something.

Don't forget to hug and tell someone you love them today, everyday.


I Love, Love.

Posted: 12 Feb 2012 11:08 AM PST

Valentines Day has always been a thorn in my side. Even when I was young. I always thought it to be ridiculous that a day on the calendar says you must express your love for whomever that day. Some might say it's not that different from Christmas. It's a day in the year that says you have to do this. But that's a blog for another day.

I love, love. I love everything that has to do with it. I long to be a wife, just so I can have a balance of give and take. I love having special inside stories and jokes, and the little things that make love great. Of course I do not have to be married to have any of that, although an exclusive relationship will do just fine.

It's the heating a towel in the dryer and hugging me when I get out of the bath when I'm sick. It's sitting in the bathroom with me rubbing my lower back when the IBS/Crohns episodes come. Love is playing with my hair and touching my leg or arm when we're watching TV, but not wrapped up like pretzels. The unspoken communication.

Of course this is a two way street. I've bought porn and hired a stripper for a b/f's 25th B-Day. Invited all the guys from his hockey team and took the hockey g/f's out for drinks and dinner, so they would never be any the wiser while the boys enjoyed a guys night. Hosted by yours truly, the best girlfriend ever!

However, when it comes to celebrating Valentines Day, well, I just rather not. I'm not one for big gestures. Take me for beer and wings and I'm a happy camper. However if you want to do something a little bigger, do on a different day. A "just because". Those I'm a huge fan of. As much of a hopeless romantic I am, I'm not overly romantic. Well not the forced kind anyway. Most guys get off easy while dating me. I'm not a huge fan of PDA's.  But in private, I'm the biggest cuddle slut there ever was. That of course, is how I like things when I'm part of a couple.

Hello Single-hood and Valentines Day. Surprisingly I'm not all that bitter about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm bitter, just not about being single and VD. Lol no not the venereal disease. You wienies.
I'm happy for others when they find all that and more.

What I don't care for, are those in-your-face-sappy people I just want to kick when they thrust upon me their unsolicited input. "Don't worry, you'll find the right man to treat you this way." Great. Yes I want a man, but I don't want all the sap. No poems, gifts, over sappy compliments.

I'm Okie dokie with not being overly affectionate with my spouse spilling all over each other in public like I'm trying to prove something. If it works for you, great, but keep it to yourself. I don't like feeling like a third wheel or uncomfortable on a bus while you two make out.. just sayin.

What I do hate about V-Day is the hype. All the hallmark stuff that the media seems to want to instill into our brains that us women (as a target) are less of a being if we do not have someone to buy us things! Grrrrrr.

How do men get off the hook so easy? Why are they not targets? Why do women not have to do any big ta-da's for men? Maybe we do, like wearing something slutt-ish in the bedroom, spicing it up for our men.

Wait, isn't that a just a random Tuesday night when you great him at the door, beer in hand, in your French maid outfit? Meh, maybe that's just me. ;-)

I find some of the most romantic things between two people, just happen. It's not forced.

You could be running errands together and get into a food fight in the farmers market at Granville Island, and promptly get kicked out. Drinking beer from the microbrewery and decide to take the water taxi's everywhere, just because you can. Get into a leaf fight after rolling down some semi-wet hill on the seawall like little kids.

Random is romantic.

Being single, again for this time of year, isn't that bad. I'll get together with girl/boy friends and hit the bar. See some live music, enjoy their company and smile at those who are in glorious bliss having a special someone in their lives, as I watch in my own blissness with those who are special to me.

I will continue to never let anyone feel less special or loved cos they do not have a spouse as per the evil media would suggest. And with that, one day, someone will naturally fit into my life.

I love love.