Just Saying...

Just Saying...

Neurotic Much?

Posted: 10 Feb 2012 07:16 PM PST

I am a complete and utter neurotic spazz the last couple days.

I'm bored, lonely, anxious, emotional, angry, sad, hyper, and entirely too lazy to do a damn thing about any of it.

I hate being stressed.

The old work wife asked a good question about me quitting my job after only 4 days. Will it effect me getting EI if I end up having to apply for it. I don't think so, but who knows.

I woke up tired, after getting a decent sleep. Took a nap, and for the 3rd day in a row, the fucking roommate came home 3-4 hours early.

Good thing I hadn't planned on having any sex while I "thought" he'd be at work. Fucker.  Although he did tell me to get ploughed this weekend, as he's having someone over next week. Scowled at him, to go to her house! There is no reason to have any girls (that are not his gf) over here.  If I had a car, I'd defiantly go to the guys house. He should pay me the same courtesy he requests from me - as he threw a huge hissy fit a month ago, when he came home a few hours early and I had someone here. Or any time I mention I might have someone over, he gets bent and stops talking to me. So ya, he can go to their house.

I'm seriously starting to freak out about not finding a job. I've been looking since November, applied to over 200 jobs, temped a little, and been on bullshit interviews where the positions were already filled. 

About to lose my shit. I'll be speaking with an employment lawyer next week about the events that took place Tuesday. Cos had that not happened, I'd still be there. Now, it's costing me money. Hopefully (though doubtful) that bitch realizes she can not treat people that way if she doesn't wants them to walk out on the job.  Blows my mind (so the grapevine says) that she's still insisting I owe her an apology. Her!!! 

A new ad on CL appeared, so I wrote a blurb in response to it, warning people about her. The job=great. The boss = eats a special kind of crazy. That's the gist of of it anyways.

Freaking out people. Freaking.Out.