Just Saying...

Just Saying...


Posted: 07 Feb 2012 08:58 PM PST

Thank gawd for my severance package. Even without it, I would have quit today!

3 beers in and my mind still can't wrap my head around what happened today.

First of all, special Thanks to Single & Picky and anyone else I called in the last 6 hours with the events unravelling today.

This entry will be full of 'like ya know" type talk cos, I can't imagine writing this and not still being in the heat-of-the-moment shock.

Okay, starting from the beginning would probably be best:

Last week I was offered a job on a trial basis.
Two days in(Friday), I was offered the job.
Monday, I officially accepted the position.

I was excited for this job. I like the people. It had a good vibe. It was close to home. I even excused the gut feeling I was having to S&P as nerves due to a new job etc.
I negotiated my wages and they accepted. I accepted.

Enter today. Tuesday.
About noon, the girl I'm replacing doubled over in pain. Spiking a low fever, and shaking and trying to down play how much pain she is in. She received a new insulin pump yesterday - thinking that might have something to do with how she feels etc. Though she said it was different and something was wrong. With her description, those of us that have had our appendix out, thought the worse. Add her being Type 1, this could turn bad quickly.

The boss asked if anyone could drive standard. I spoke up etc. I was instructed to drive this girl (daughter in law) to the hospital and to stay with her. I agreed.

An hour after getting her admitted, the nurses page me. ME.  We approach the nurses triage area. Them looking pissed! Asking if I was Just Saying. I am. It was the boss.
SCREAMING AT ME! To get my ass back to the office immediately. This was not the deal we had, and to get back NOW! I looked at the poor girl in shock, said nothing in response and handed the phone back to the triage nurses apologizing profusely.

At this point I'm boiling with rage. I inform my co-worker that today would be my last day after explaining what just took place on the phone. In as much shock as I was in, she divulged she didn't care. Our boss had just fucked up a good thing. I'm a quick study, and got the job and was doing pretty much on my own at this point. 

Once my co-worker was admitted, I went outside to return the calls I had missed from the boss. Thinking (see what happens when I think) that maybe she had wrapped her head around the situation at hand. Nope.  She torn into me without me saying a word other than my name and Hello.  I did not get one word in edgewise, other than talking over her to inform her I was not leaving this girl alone in emerge until someone came to relieve me, and hung up.

Fast forward a few hours. The police have arrived. The boss reported my co workers car stolen!!! Stolen. That's right, I put the owner of the car in the vehicle and drove her to the hospital, then waited.  That was cleared up. Seriously? You think I'm returning to the office after you tried to have me arrested????

It's not a complete afternoon if the police are not approaching you in the emergency room. Geez.

Her fiance arrives (the bosses son) and extremely rude to me. I text my coworker he's there and leave him with her key, the stall # and he needs to top her up. BTW. This Hospital is $18 for 4 hours. Find parking underground or on the street if you're able.

By the time I get home, both the sons, and my other co worker have all either texted or left voicemail, apologizing and asking to stay in touch. I was only there 4 days!!!! Her fiance apologized via voicemail for the way he treated me. I do not hold him accountable, cos at the point of his arrival he only had on side of the story. His Mum's.

Looooooooong story short.  My co worker.... both her ovaries have ruptured. She'll be having surgery about midnight tonight.  We've been chatted via text.  She's 25. And her chances of having children, after a 5cm cyst ruptured, and took her one ovary with it. (the other was misdiagnosed as a bladder infection last week) have decreased immensely. :(

Poor girl. Like I was going to leave her alone in emerge. Ever.

Upon arriving home, I checked all my voicemail. I've been fired! Dude, I fucking quit 5 hours ago. And payroll was done yesterday. :)

......And was your Tuesday?