Just Saying...

Just Saying...


Posted: 04 Feb 2012 09:54 AM PST

.....I'm employed!

I found this position on my own, not thru any of the 4 fucking agencies I'm using, who could only find me temp work.

I was asked to do a trial with this employer Thursday/Friday. And if we both felt we were a good fit, they'd make an offer. When I went into the interview, I was hired within minutes!Which is kind of nice. I'll get back to that in a minute.

They advised me the trail would be at a very small wage. So small, I'd make more on EI.  Yup. The position would be at a few dollars more if hired permanently.

Went home, thought about it. Crunched the numbers, and freaked out completely on Elizabeth Singleton. What the hell was I thinking agreeing to those wages when I wouldn't take them from any of the agencies I was using. I couldn't pay my rent without a roommate, and I always calculate my finances without one. Blurred mind due to be frustrated about temping etc.

Half way thru my first day,  we're just running thru the work load, my head spinning, I realize their wages are very unreasonable for the amount of experience required to do this work load. I did have a little leverage as this girl is leaving next Friday, and were advising people on the phone the position was already filled. I haven't even accepted the position yet.  Finally getting a chance to talk to the owner/boss explaining my concerns etc. End result being that if they couldn't meet my wages, I couldn't work for them.

End of the day, they agreed, and I accepted.

It's different. It's a small family owned business, so things are little unprofessional as far as how things are managed. But the vibe is good.

After I receive my first official pay stub with my wages on it, will determine if I stay or not. They can say they'll pay me whatever, though until it's in my account at that amount... I'm not committed to the position.

*My pay schedule is every second Friday, which just blows my mind.  :(
I'll have to adjust how I've managed my finances, my.whole.life.
*I'll be hourly, not salary?
*Benefits start after 3 months not 6, :), but have to pay a portion myself. :(
*No direct claims, have to pay out of pocket first. :(
*Have to rotate statutory holiday with my coworker to accept deliveries to the plant. Booo but it = double time. :).
*It's close to home. 30 mins each way. Not an hour. :)
*All lunches from the Deli and cheese purchases are free. :) Home made Italian everything.
*Dress code is casual.

I get along well with the girl who's position I'll be over seeing. Apparently she's difficult. Even the plant workers have walked by mentioning I"ll fit in if K likes me already. That's a plus. 

I'm excited to have a work load without the micro managing.  My work is my responsibility, and aside from my co worker and the accountant(off site), no one else is actually going to supervise my work.  I learned a few accounting software programs yesterday. Ones, my old boss felt would be too difficult to show me. Thanks D. The longer I'm away from my old position the happier I'm finding myself.  It was draining to beg for a work load, only to have every aspect of it micro-managed to death.

On a scale of 1 -10, understanding the job, and doing it, I'm told is sitting at a 7-8 on my second day. I thought it was lower, but they know the job better than I do at the moment.

The roommate and I have had a great week and a bit. Not sure what changed or if I need to still be on guard a little. But whatever is going on in his head that is allowing peace to exist in our house, I'm cool with it. I'm sure the other shoe will drop sooner or later.

Went for Lebanese food @ Nuba in Vancouver last night with Single & Picky. Good food, good company. A little expensive for what you get, but the food was divine.  Never thought to use a rosewater/wine reduction in/on anything. It was bloody addictive.  I'm sure we'll be back together and with other people. I would definitely suggest it as a place for a date.  The staff are genuinely friendly, and although you're not rushed, the food comes out at a good pace.