Just Saying...

Just Saying...

Temping Isn't as Evil as I Though.

Posted: 30 Jan 2012 07:39 PM PST

It's not.
If each assignment is only a couple weeks at a time and the assignments are frequent, I could..... get use to it. Great way to meet a lot people and tone in on different skills at the same time.

I'm currently temping for a company located inside the Birks Building in Vancouver.
I love, love, love the historic district of Vancouver. And to have the chance to get inside many buildings in the last couple weeks, that I otherwise wouldn't have, has been a treat!

My current assignment is available for a a permanent fill. However after one day there, I've pretty much decided I'll work the assignment and leave the permanent spot for someone else.

In 6 hours, I learned the position, faster and took on more than she was expecting . Easy and insanely busy! Love it!What I do not love, are the people's attitudes.  I was met with a fake politeness from my immediate supervisor. As nice as she actually is, she'd make jaded comments like the following all day long:

"If you work out, you're probably a gluten for punishment like me."
"We frown upon taking any time off, for things like doctor apts, or floater days etc"
"We have summer hours in July/August, I bet you've never known a company to do that?"  (I informed her of the perks of my last position, having a compressed work week.all.year.long. ;-)

When asked/assuming the company takes good care of their staff as they've all been there a really long time, reply: "Ptff, no, not really. The benefits are good though"

I'm all for work hard/play hard attitude, I asked if the staff hang out together after work for drinks, or do other social things as a company etc, she replied with a look like I had three heads. There was my answer. Actually she did say, it happens, rarely, and it's more of a "Its checking out time, SEEE YA!"

On top of those responses, the office is like a million degrees and I'm sweating in all the wrong places!!!! So gross.

Ya, I'm not sure this is a company I want to work for. I don't want to be miserable. I know, I know, I'm unemployed and I shouldn't be choosy. Really? They fired the last temp of 5 weeks, cos she happened to mention she was THINKING about moving back to her country in roughly 5-6 years. They ended her position immediately, which brings us to today, enter me.

A little torn, cos I really dig the position, though, that is it. I'd like for the people I work with to be social within the company, and/or outside too. It keeps morale up, and helps productivity if you like the people you have to see for 90% of waking hours. Granted it's a small office of only 8 people in Vancouver, although the company is global.

Still..... not jazzed about trucking an hour into Vancouver to work with people who could care less about their associates one way or another.

Input.... GO!