Advanced Registry Clear Full+ Patch/Crack/Serial

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 04:05 AM PST

Advanced Registry Clear Full+ Patch/Crack/Serial is an easy-to-use, decent and high-efficiency registry cleaner and optimizer that fixes all your registry errors, system bugs and other common problems and sweeps Internet tracks, IE cookies, temporary Doc files, etc. to make your PC and your personal information more stable and securer.

Why Choose Advanced Registry Clear

• All-in-one

Combined registry scan and repair with system optimizer, privacy sweep and other utilities such as disk checker, disk cleaner, file pulverizer…, Advanced Registry Clear can meet all your needs of registry software: streamlining registry, improving system, protecting privacy, and more, just imagine.
• Fast & Professional
Advanced Registry Clear keeps itself focused on offering the best free registry cleaner and optimizer, and with the continuous introduction of new and advanced technology into it, Advanced Registry Clear is capable of integrating and optimizing your registry in just a few minutes.
• 100% safe and free
Advanced Registry Clear would like to allow users to enjoy the free software, clean and safe PC environment. There is no adware, no spyware, no viruses in it, and it will never let you down.
• Extremely easy to use
With the intuitive interface, simple and clear navigation, even the novice can immediately handle Advanced Registry Clear.
• Fully Automated
Advanced Registry Clear has a time scheduler and carries out regular automated scan and sweep of your system. This considerable app makes every effort to save your time.

Internet Download Accelerator Full+Keygen/Patch

Posted: 24 Jan 2012 04:05 AM PST

Internet Download Accelerator Full+Keygen/Patch lets you to noticeably increase the speed of file download from the Internet using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols. The acceleration is achieved by splitting a file being downloaded into several parts and downloading these parts at the same time. Internet Download Accelerator resumes broken downloads from where they left off from both HTTP, HTTPS and FTP servers.

To increase usability Internet Download Accelerator integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Opera, Nescape and others, replacing the standard download modules. Moreover, the program monitors the system clipboard and detects URLs in the clipboard. With IDA you can download and save video from popular video sharing services: YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe and others. Whatever your connection type, Internet Download Accelerator will use the bandwidth of your connection most effectively and download files extremely fast. Power and useful tool for management of download categories.Possibility of automatic file type detection with automatic file placement to the specified categories. Unlimited number of categories and hierarchy levels.

Key Features:
Easy to use:
· intuitive, user-friendly, and customizable user interface;
· download lists support with rich sorting options;
· the floating window including download speed indicator, active downloads indicators, cart for dragging links;
· original Active Visual Cart technology which lets you to work with IDA without opening the main program window;
· support for plug-ins;
· skins support;
· Fast Update - check for availability of new versions of the program;
· multilingual support.

Full set of necessary functions:
· dynamic multi-threaded download;
· resumes broken downloads from where they left off from both HTTP, HTTPS and FTP servers;
· scheduled operation, PC shutdown, sleep or stand-by after completing download;
· optimal settings for work with various connection types (dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, LAN) at various speed;
· FTP Explorer;
· support for download mirrors. Searching for and adding download mirrors;
· power and useful tool for management of download categories;
· work with ZIP archives: option to preview the contents of ZIP archives before download, option to download only files selected from an archive, option to check ZIP archives and recover corrupted files as well as option to unpack archives;
· work with RAR archives: option to check RAR archives, option to unpack archives;
· detailed log-file for every download;
· site manager for passwords and download folders management;
· download speed control, automatic mode for the most comfortable browsing on the Web. Manual mode for dynamic control of download speed;
· option to set priorities for downloads;
· possibility to download html-pages with images;
· download entire folders (including subfolders) via FTP;
· content recognition when working through HTTP;
· work with command-line;
· dial for dial-up connection;
· search for files, programs, archives and documents in IDATop.com file catalog;
· Smart Pause/Start. Ability to temporarily stop current downloads with option to start them later in the same order and state;
· rich options of tuning connection parameters HTTP, HTTPS and FTP;
· work behind HTTP and FTP proxy-servers, support for NTLM and NTLM-proxy authentication. IDA can automatically detect and use your browser's proxy-server settings;
· support for FTP over SSL/TSL;
· option to play streaming audio and video files while they are being downloaded. Automatic receipt of information about MP3 files when starting download;
· downloads history;
· option of dragging selected text from browser or another program onto the floating window. IDA will find links in the text and offer you to start download;
· ability to drag download description text from another programs. Automatic insertion of the text selected on a page opened in IE into the download description.
· search in the download list;
· option of automatic synchronization of files on servers and your computer (autoupdate);
· checking downloaded files for updates (manually or automatically);
· marking downloaded files as unread;
· wide download list export/import options. Supported formats: .txt, .txtd, .lst, .urls, .ion.

Highest download speed:
· intellectual multi-section download. Internet Download Accelerator dynamically splits a file being downloaded into several sections and downloads all the sections at the same time. It increases the speed of download up to 500%;
· automatically restarts download when download speed decreases which helps to avoid stoppage;
· download speed control with automatic mode making web-surfing more comfortable.

Rich options of integration:
· integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and above, Firefox, Mozilla, Nescape 6.0 and above, Opera 4.0 and above, others;
· monitoring the clipboard;
· integration with anti-virus programs;
· toolbar for Internet Explorer.

ESET NOD32 Password Eset NOD32 User dan password Update 24 Januari 2012

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 08:02 PM PST

ESET NOD32 Password Eset NOD32 User dan password Update 22 Januari 2012

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ESET NOD32 Password Eset NOD32 User dan password 22 Januari 2012

PREMIUM ACCOUNT 24 JAN 2012 Filesonic Fileserve Hotfile Megaupload

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 08:00 PM PST

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Windows 7 Slic Loader 2.4.9

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 07:57 PM PST

Windows 7 Slic Loader 2.4.9 - Activator for Windows 7 h86/64 any revisions. Activate your Windows 7 in just one click.

Supported Windows:
• Windows 7 Ultimate x86 & x64
• Windows 7 Professional x86 & x64
• Windows 7 Home Premium x86 & x64
• Windows 7 Home Basic x86 & x64
• Windows 7 Starter x86
• Windows Server (R) 2008 Standard x86 & x64
• Windows Server (R) 2008 Enterprise x86 & x64
• Windows (R) Small Business Server 2008 x86 & x64
• Windows Vista Ultimate x86 & x64
• Windows Vista Business x86 & x64
• Windows Vista Home Premium x86 & x64
• Windows Vista Home Basic x86 & x64
• Windows Vista Starter x86

• Fast installation (since based on WMI script).
• A single file.
• Small size (since based on. NET Framework 2.0).
• Bootloader are randomly renamed and so uninstall of old ldr not necessary.
• Slic can be added to the bootmgr (not recommended).
• Option Cert & Slic together for OEM installation.
• Cert can be installed / replaced only.
• The key can be changed.
• Option to add your customized OEM information and logo.
• The option to back up and restore your license.
• The default auto-start a better mode of activation, slic, cert and key.

Comodo Firewall 2012 5.9.221665.2197 Final Full+Serial Key

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 07:55 PM PST

Comodo Firewall 2012 - one of the best firewalls, along with competitive pay counterparts. The program focused on a simple user, not very well knowing what IP-addresses, ports, protocols, etc. Comodo Firewall helps you understand what happens when you connect to the internet of a program by analyzing each suspicious connection. In this case the firewall will inform you about what is happening with pop-up windows in which a relatively simple language is proposed to decide the fate * * of a compound.

Firewall Comodo - has built a database which stores information on more than 10 000 programs, classified according to their level of risk (SAFE (safe), SPYWARE (spy), ADWARE (advertising), etc.). Comodo Firewall - the only firewall which has such a big application database on the subject.

Main features of Comodo Firewall:
Full continuous monitoring and protecting your PC from Internet attacks, trojans, hackers, malicious scripts and other unknown threats.
Free upgrades - Comodo Firewall will inform you about available updates, and after your approval, install them.
Full control over the activity of programs on the Internet.
Control of software updates.
Tracking the traffic in real time allows you to instantly respond to possible threats.
Simple, intuitive multilingual interface (including Russian).
Free for home and other network users.

Information about the program:
Year: 2012
File Size: 81.90 Mb
License: Freeware
Language: ML / Russian
Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7 x86/64


Comodo Antivirus 2012 5.9.221665.2197 Final Full+Serial Key

Posted: 23 Jan 2012 07:54 PM PST

Comodo Antivirus 2012 - free antivirus, which contains the basic functions of a protective program. This product helps protect your computer from viruses, worms, Trojans and all kinds of malicious software.

Anti Komodo has a simple and user-friendly interface, easy setup menu, the function of sand and has a minimal impact on the speed of the operating system.

Functions Anti-Komodo
Detection Technology Defense +
Anti-virus, with the possibility of a scheduled inspection schedule
Convenient slider for quick and easy changing of security settings
Sandbox, to run applications in a sandbox
It has no effect on system performance
Free for home use

Comodo Antivirus Features
Protection against viruses and malware - Comodo Antivirus will help protect your system from viruses, worms, ads, spyware, Trojans and rootkits, as well as from all other kinds of malicious programs.
Comprehensive protection from viruses - Komodo protects the system no matter what you use to work. You can write emails, write to the chat, visit an online store, download files or play online games. If you accidentally hit the sites scams Antivirus Comodo Antivirus will protect you from identity theft.
Technology Defense + - Technology Defense +, which anti-virus Comodo uses in its work, the system automatically protects your startup files from untrusted sources. The technology contains two functions: auto ban and sandbox malware. This allows not only to treat the threats detected, but also effective in preventing infection.
Auto Sandbox - sandbox automatic feature avoids tangling users run untrusted programs. Everyone is familiar with many of the pop-up messages. There is no need to make decisions about starting a program in an isolated environment. Suspect Anti-Virus software will run automatically Komodo already isolated from the system.
Ease of use - Comodo antivirus incorporates a simple and friendly user interface. You only need to set it and forget: the protection is automatic.
Convenient slider - Komodo antivirus contains a convenient slider to quickly change the program settings. Quick change of security settings available with the new slider settings.
Performance - as well as new antivirus, Comodo Antivirus has minimal impact on the system that allows the use of anti-virus on their computers with low productivity.