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[Pacific Sun Entertainment] Tease PrickScene #3

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Release Year: 2003
Studio: Pacific Sun Entertainment
Cast: Mark Dalton Kyle Richards Robert Harvey Brett Dimineo Danny Lopez Court Logan Cameron Fox Jason Sizemore Gauge(M)
Genres: Big Dick Muscles Anal Safe Sex
Video language: English

"Prick Tease" shows us why Mark Dalton is a star. He is an absolutely exquisite creature, with a body and face so perfect. And his body is a marvel, too, sporting an attractive amount of blond fuzz no his meaty pecs and down his stomach. The legs are head-crushers, and the butt, well, the butt is a thing of beauty. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Cameron Fox invites thin dark Jason Sizemore out for a drink, but Jason says no. Cameron taunts him that he knows it won't be long before Jason whips out his dick and starts beating off. Within seconds, Jason has found Mark Dalton's website and gets fully hard from just the first screen. Down goes the zipper, up comes the cock. Jason's humongous dick is exciting to watch, especially as he pumps it eagerly both over and underhand. Even though his eyes are stuck on Mark, Jason manages a very good hot jack-off session, the end result being a fulfilling splatter on his dark desk.

Jason should have gone with Cameron, who heads over to a bar tended by Court Logan, here with shortish curly hair and all his boyish charm firmly in place. Cameron, wearing only a vest and pants that barely hide his chiseled luscious body, offers it all up to Court. Court starts on the chest and nipples and finally finds his way to Cameron's cock. He gives him a delicate but deep blowjob, with his customary talent on display. At times, the camera comes in and basically sits on Cameron's nuts, so the action is thrillingly close. Cameron gets a chance to blow Court's thickness, earning nice points for hand usage.

Cameron soon bends Court over a stool and fucks him. Cameron, looking so fetching in a black-and-silver choker that highlights his neck and pecs, gives Court an amiable fuck, truly made easy by Court's welcoming open butt. Cameron is able to explode with speed and Court keeps pace with him. Cameron works himself into a sneering all-out pounding fit, causing Court to cum being fucked.

Gauge, a brunet bodybuilder, with an impressive array of tattoos on him, is the producer who runs the bar we just saw, where Mark will be performing soon (see, it all ties in together). In the meantime, he has Robert Harvey in his home, wanting to do just what Mark does. Gauge tells Robert how Mark seduces an audience and then suggests Robert try it out on him. Robert is a smaller version of Mark, but much the same look, with a great cut defined body. He comes over to Gauge and stands over him so Gauge can salivate over his still-wrapped package and finally pull out the cock for sucking. Robert has an average cock, perfect for deep-throating, and Gauge has some moments of genuinely spry activity blowing it. Robert then sucks Gauge's cock, which works best when Gauge face-fucks him to force it all down Robert's throat.

The oral is prettiest because these two guys are so damn hot merely to look at. Gauge fucks Robert all over the pool table, first doggy so we can see Robert's tattoo right above his muscular ass. Robert has an ass that deserves to be plucked, and Gauge gives him a nice easygoing time of it, allowing the camera to drink in the sheer handsomness. Gauge eventually pulls out, Robert falls to his knees and gets blasted by Gauge's cum-shot. Robert then tosses his load on a magazine layout of the delectable Mark.

Mark finally emerges from all the magazine layouts and posters on the wall, live and in person. The story sets up a rather kooky twist that Mark actually has a twin brother, opposite in everything but looks. When Mark comes into the club to rehearse, his brother is there (Mark plays both, obviously), and Mark decides to give him a private show. Mark changes into a tight T-shirt, very tight pants and a jacket. He immediately falls into his act, gyrating from his stomach in such a motion that makes the viewer, through the TV, feel like he's grinding up to Mark. It's one of the most involving performance scenes I've ever watched in a porn production and the deserving highlight of the flick. He purses his full bitable lips at the camera and all but fucks it right there. Stripping down to his pants, he begins to involve the runway pole in his gyrations and now you're thinking he's the sexiest man alive. How did People magazine miss him? He peels his pants down to reveal the G-string. When the cock finally pokes out, it's beautiful and tasty. His ass is actually better to watch and when he rubs the pole between his cheeks, the muscle on them threatens to swallow in the steel. Wait until you see him hump the floor. Damn lucky linoleum! Anyway, enough salivating. It eventually does turn into a full-on jack-off scene. You'll be exhausted at the end of the scene, trust me.

Following that stunning performance is a lusty three-way in the alley behind the club. Danny Lopez, all muscle and tattoos and piercings, sits between big-dicked blond Brett DiMineo and tight daddyish Kyle Richards, debating whom to take on first. Danny picks Kyle, heads over to him and blows him. He sucks the full length of Kyle's cock, even able to look at him at the same time. Brett saunters over and Danny switches to his dick, delivering the best blowjob so far. To be able to suck down Brett's cock that rapidly and that deeply over and over is near astounding. Danny is then turned upside down and given both cocks to suck at once. He has no problem handling them together. The ultra-talented Danny gets some more solo time on Brett, this time adding some asslicking to the mix, throwing his face deep into Brett's tight butt. Kyle comes up behind Danny and inserts his cock. The fuck is quite powerful, but Danny seems to have a favorite position in riding and thus doing the work. The super-duper action shows how much of the cock Danny can swallow up in this position, namely all of the shaft. It gets better as it goes on, just when Danny should be tiring, but lurches faster instead. Brett then fucks Danny, stuffing his ass as Kyle fucks his face, but this is brief enough before all three have worthy cum-shots.

Format: lavfpref
Duration: 15:34
Video: 720x480, AVC (H.264)
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 442.0 MB

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